Baratang Island

Baratang Island, is an island in the Andaman Island,India, with an area of approximately 297.6 square kilometres (114.9 sq mi). It is one of the main island of the great Andaman group, a closely set island chain in the Bay of bengal.


About Baratang Island

Baratang Island which is approx. 20 kilometre from the Port Blair. This Island is famous for the only known examples of mud volcanos in India and there also is a natural cave made of limestone. The journey to Baratang Island is very enchanting as you will find many mangroves and deep forest on the way.

There are other volcanoes in the area. The Barren Island volcano which is the only active volcano in South Asia and the Narcondum volcano which is considered to be a potentially active volcano.

Places to visit at Baratang Island : Diglipur, Limestone caves, Mud Volcano, Parrot Island etc. On the way we may find jarwas.

Activities to do at Baratang Island

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